Wednesday 29.03.2017

Tonight saw games of Netrunner, Bolt Action, two games of L’art de la Guerre and 40K amongst other things. I’m not really sure what was going on the 40K game between the Tau and the Imperial Guard as the Tau seemed to pretty much stay on their baseline in the photos that were taken, but it looked good.

Imperial Guard advance Tau standing their ground

This week’s Bolt Action game had four players and a can of Fanta fighting it out in the desert.

Pennine Raiders Bolt Action  Pennine Raiders Bolt Action

Pennine Raiders Bolt Action Pennine Raiders Bolt Action

The ADLG games (being played by the Halifax Wargames Club, who share the venue and some members with us) played out well, with one game coming to a definite conclusion, and the other still having the possibility of going either way due to one of the players being new and very indecisive (me).

Initial set-up Uh oh, things not going too well

Things didn’t go very well for one of the generals here who was let down by his dice, and his opponent was able to make quite a nasty mess of his centre. The green markers are bad things here.


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