Wednesday 12.04.2017

A nice looking game of 40K, a Bolt Action battle, ADLG and a game of Black Powder were on tonight’s menu.

Pennine Raiders - Tau versus Marines Pennine Raiders - Tau versus Marines

Despite firing from point blank range, the grav tank failed to kill anything due to some rather disappointing dice rolling. Lady Luck was definitely not on the side of the “Greater Good” in this case; perhaps she’s seen Hot Fuzz and knows where that all leads.

Black Powder was an encounter battle between Sudanese/Egyptian forces and the Mahdi which ended in total defeat for the allies.

Pennine Raiders Bolt Action

In an attempt to take the high ground, the Sudanese troops were arranged in march column to give them the order bonus. However, due to a misunderstanding they simply marched to the top of the hill and waited in their march columns. The Mahdist cavalry hit them, destroying one unit and forcing the other two into squares.

The Sudanese cavalry were ordered to go and help them and promptly left the table, only coming back on to remain stoically in the same place for the rest of the battle. While the infantry fell back under the impetuous charges of the Mahdist forces, the cavalry did nothing, and it was soon all over for the allies.

Pennine Raiders Black Powder

Here come the infantry…and on the far right, the Sudanese cavalry. This picture could have been taken at any point in the game other than the one where they blundered off the board as that was one of the only two moves they managed.



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