Wednesday 26.04.2017

Imperial Guard took on the Tau again in 40K and four forces struggled to take control of some loot hidden in and around a crossroads town. The Call of Cthulhu campaign also continued apace, with the tragic demise of one of the investigators.

Some shots of the Imperial Guard / Tau battle first:

I think this was a victory for the Imperial Guard but then I’m biased.

The Bolt Action boys fought their way towards the centre of the village with one side being cruelly wiped out by the others, evident by the fact that their owner was wandering round the club looking lost for much of the night.



Wednesday 03.05.2017

Amongst the games this evening were an ahistorical clash between Napoleonic British and Russians using Black Powder and some Japanese versus U.S. Marine Corps in Bolt Action.

The Black Powder game saw the stoic and surprisingly obediant Russians get off their start lines quite effectively, with the complete opposite happening to the British.

Russian Infantry and Cavalry on their start line Russian Infantry and Cavalry on their start lines

Some of the Russian formations are shown above with infantry being supported by Hussars and Cossacks in the left picture and Cuirassiers and Heavy Dragoons on the right.

Russian Infantry advance Russian infantry advance

After some unfortunate riflemen were ridden down by Cuirassiers, there were few units that came close to breaking by the end of the game with some very poor Russian shooting. However, Wellington was somewhat off-form on the British side;

Yep, three blunders! Luck was not on the side of the British as they weren’t able to get their cavalry off the start line until very late in the game and one of the main infantry thrusts decided to leave the table at one point. The rather poor Russian fire when in contact meant that they couldn’t press home the advantage they’d had while maneuvering and the game ended in a draw, with the number of shaken units growing all the time.

Here are some photos from the Bolt Action game; things apparently didn’t go all that well for the Japanese in the end.